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emma skinne showcasing under water art at an exhibition in dubai

Emma Skinner is a British born artist, she earned a BSc from Durham University, a diploma in Naturopathy, Photography accreditation and family mentorship in the study of Fine Art and Sculpture. Her visual narrative and free diving expeditions explore the human experience of the ocean; the importance of realising change and highlighting failing ecosystems.
From a very young age Emma has had a strong affinity for animals and the sea. She developed her passion and knowledge working at Sea World, Florida, USA; Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia and maintaining corporate aquariums in the UK.


Before leaving the UK she set up a Mobile Zoo educating the public and schools about ecology, the food chain, adaptation and animal care. Observing, rehabilitating and raising animals whilst documenting the process with photography was the real driving force behind the business.
She is currently working on a series of paintings focusing on the ocean and its ecosystem. Her work speaks of the interconnecting natural world, using vivid colours to command the viewers’ attention. The subject of the painting is highlighted with a suggestion of realism while the broken abstract shards, that are featured in the whole collection, represent uncertainty, a breakdown of equilibrium.

emma skinner, under water arist diving
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